Thursday, March 24 2016

[12:42:02] matt []/Psi+ I am a little amazed that a package can arrive in Alaska one afternoon and be delivered in the middle of Massachusetts a day later. The most amazing part is that it was scanned at 06:08 in Boston, but sent back on a truck at 06:34 towards the local depot, and made it onto the delivery truck at 07:43. After dealing with both FedEx and UPS being unable to tell me whether a package is on or not on a truck, that level of coördination is astounding.

Friday, June 21 2013

[00:51:38] matt []/Lilith I'm using 4G mobile technology for the first time ever, at Boston's Logan airport. It is underwhelming compared to getting off of a plane at Narita and checking my eMail over a 3G connection for the first time.

Friday, May 4 2012

[00:14:10] matt []/Amabel Boston's MBTA has apparently expired all Charlie (stored value) cards in a belated response to the widely published insecurity of them. The worker I asked about it blamed "those MIT kids".

Sunday, July 17 2011

[14:08:25] matt []/Merch @ Boston, UNITED STATES

Saturday, June 11 2011

[00:50:12] matt []/Psi.generay First Circuit (Boston case) challenge to prohibiting public recordings based upon two-party wiretap statutes:

Monday, May 3 2010

[01:38:14] matt []/0d9e873f Boston says: Don't Drink the Water. Also something about crashing into me; although I have more than a feeling that last one was actually Dave Matthews.