Monday, March 28 2011

[20:29:41] matt []/Merch I got a free Nokia E7 to play with; it's a bit thinner than the N900, but longer and noticeably dense. I do like the feel of it, with a slightly more spaced out keyboard.
[20:42:41] matt []/Merch I plan on trying the Nokia E7 for a while, but I don't see it filling the role of the N900, and it seems too big and unwieldly to replace the Nokia 3710 fold (which recently replaced the Neo 808i). My expectation is that the Nokia E7 would have replaced the Nokia E61 sufficiently, had I not already replaced it with the N900.
[20:44:36] matt []/Merch Nokia had the right strategy before: Maemo on the smart-devices (mobile Internet devices/mobile computers) and Symbian on its phones (which should have filled the gap S40 is currently in).
[20:46:26] matt []/Merch I fear that Nokia's change of path will retard the progress of telecommunication devices by about a decade.