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Thursday, June 24 2010

[13:03:22] Merch Ctrl-arrows are no longer registering in wmaker on OSX. Usability is down.
[13:04:04] Merch How can you not have preinstalled at least one of curl, fetch, or wget?
[18:28:42] dementia Everyone seems to be dissing Nokia these days; geeks love the Nexus One. The whole reason I got the Nokia E61 was because it supported the IDLE extension for IMAP; and Nokia seems to have lost how important this feature is to those who know about it--even the N900 was released without support.
[18:30:46] dementia Odd. "home" and "end" don't do anything useful in iChat it seems, but ^A and ^E do what you'd expect.
[18:40:37] dementia Reading prox's entry, the following line jumped out "Android Market is a centralized shop for applications for rooted and non-rooted phones, which I found strange."
[18:42:56] dementia Historically, "rooted" was something you did to somebody else's box; a machine you didn't own. That it is being used on something that you paid for and "own" is somewhat dystopic here and is reminiscent of RMS' "The Right to Read".