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    Friday, February 5 2016

    [21:03:55] matt [wronka.org]/Psi+ Blinding sheets of white
    Powder falling from the sky.
    I am clearing snow.

    Sunday, November 29 2015

    [14:58:42] matt [wronka.org]/Psi+ I wish Mozilla would stop playing with the lock icons and return to showing the schema.

    Thursday, November 12 2015

    Wednesday, November 11 2015

    Gray World/Gray Sphere/Sphere Open Sourced
    [23:28:22] matt [wronka.org]/Trip Apparenly the Ultima Online server Sphere (formerly Gray World and Gray Sphere) is now open source:

    When I played with it nearly twenty years ago it was quite nice and easy to configure—it seemed easier to fiddle with than UOX, which has been open source since it's release early on. A couple years I ­started playing with UOX3 but never got the world fully set-up; I imagine there must be an easier way than how I­ was going about it but it seemed more laborious to edit in-world than Gray's tools were.

    Thursday, August 27 2015

    People Centric Phone UI
    [13:02:55] matt [wronka.org]/Psi+ An article from 2013, suggesting people-centric phone UI:

    This seems so incredibly obvious, that only after seeing the iOS screenshots did I realize that Apple doesn't (hasn't?) had this feature. I've had groups or individuals on my S60 phone for years, and Maemo (~2011) had you select a person, and then a protocol for communication (POTS, SMS, XMPP, AIM, IRC, Skype,etc.). The Maemo implementation sounds exactly like what's suggested, where you can select the person, and for protocols with status (SIP, XMPP, etc.) see if the person is online, and send a message. Or send an eMail instead.

    Sunday, August 23 2015

    [16:37:40] matt [wronka.org]/Psi+ SNESes in Mr. Robot's Mirrors seem awfully yellowed for a < 4 year old system.

    Friday, June 26 2015

    [17:25:08] matt [wronka.org]/Trip Dentist.

    Thursday, June 11 2015

    [15:46:09] matt [wronka.org]/Trip How do I have -13 pending reviews on review board?

    Monday, June 8 2015

    [19:24:13] matt [wronka.org]/Trip I ordered a replacement HDD from NewEgg as they indicated it'd be arriving today. It looks like earliest will be tomorrow, which is no different than B&H (other than B&H having customer service). I'm disappointed in the misleading ETA from NewEgg.
    [19:24:46] matt [wronka.org]/Trip At least the ReadyNAS 316 seems to be working now. The software (OS6) seems both more confusing and less useful than the old (v4) version.

    Tuesday, April 7 2015

    Unicomp != Model M
    [12:53:06] matt [wronka.org]/Trip I would like to second the statement in this thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/do-not-buy-a-unicomp-keyboard.613424/

    I bought a Unicomp keyboard because my wife wanted a standard shape (e.g. not like my preferred Kinesis Advantage) keyboard and I wanted a mechanicle keyboard that would plug into a USB-only (non-PS/2) NUC. Immediately there were issues with keybaord not being recognized at all. That's ok, every company has some defective units, I sent it back and got the keyboard back fairly quickly (it now has a "repaired by Unicomp" sticker labeled June 2013 next to it's manufactured-on April 2013 sticker).

    Two years after it was manufactured it started behaving oddly. The return consists of two pressure triggers, if the left side is the one you happen to hit, it triggers both the slash/pipe ('/') key and then the return key. My initial thought was that there was something physically connecting the two adjacent keys, but after removing the keys and examining the board superficially, everything seems fine. Trying with a different computer resulted in the same issue. A few days later, a few keys stopped responding entirely.

    A keyboard failing within two years is sad; I'm currently typing on the same Kinesis keyboard I've used five-days a week for over seven years and functions flawlessly. I've got PS/2 and AT keyboards that still work from the 1980s.. Unicomp charges between $30-$90 for repair of a keyboard outside warranty (plus shipping) which seems like more hassle than it's worth considering this thing's already been back to them, and even then has the annoying habbit of not being recognized if plugged-in during computer boot.

    Wednesday, April 1 2015

    [17:31:10] matt [wronka.org]/Trip The custom error module does not recognize this error.

    Thursday, March 5 2015

    [15:59:44] matt [wronka.org]/Trip "The roof of my igloo fell in and I'd like to transform it into a volcano."

    Tuesday, March 3 2015

    [19:09:20] matt [wronka.org]/Trip jamie

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    Samsung's SmartHub
    [15:55:31] matt [wronka.org]/Trip Two nights ago, my wife went to bed, and I tried to watch some Columbo on Netflix (I was up to the Great Santini, who sets up his own alibi through a fragile, technical, contrivance). We've only recently subscribed to Netflix since I've always been leary of the reliability of cloud services and rental subscriptions like this in general. It turns out the flakey Samsung implementation was more to blame.

    This isn't abnormal. First off, the Samsung equipment (we own two of their TVs and one DVD player, all with essentially the same software) seem to arbitrarily forget WiFi passwords, which makes supporting them frustrating if not useless (they're all on the unsecured network now). Sometimes it fails to connect for a short period, and I need to just wait; that wasn't happening.

    Obviously, there was a larger problem. I gave up and watched TopGear on my MythTV box instead, expecting whatever issue Samsung was having to resolve itself the next day. Why a box can't trust that it's on the Internet, or at least be optimistic about it once it's gotten an IP address, and a DNS server that resolves what it needs is an open question that I've tried to ask Samsung support (like the TV's software, I'm not optimistic for a response).

    Yesterday while I was at work, I­ got a message from my wife, complaining about the DVD player not thinking it had Internet access. Obviously, she wanted to think it was a problem with our network—which is reasonable, given that's what the software said—but it turns out Samsung still didn't have their system up. It seems that there was some DNS hokeyness with their Akamai DSA settings. After a chain of CNAMEs (some of which included "china-" prefixes for some reason) eventually we got very short TTL addresses, which were not returning appropriate answers for the TV.

    A Web search found somebody who *had* found an IP address that worked, also being served through Akamai DSA:

    The resulting IP for www.samsung.com was; while you're setting-up your own DNS for your Samsung devices, I also suggest making ad.samsungadhub.com and rd.samsungadhub.com either fail or point to localhost since these are what send and track impressions for the annoying little piece of real estate in the top right corner.

    I strongly discourage anyone from buying one of these devices (and apparently Sony devices) for these features, since they seem to be fragile. As I­ was trying to find information on the current outage (Samsung was not forthcoming and even mentioned on their support page of no known issues), I found references and news articles for outages regularly going back to 2013. It's clear Samsung doesn't treat this as production functionality.

    More coverage today, after a couple days of this:

    Friday, February 13 2015

    Mozilla BUY TAX SOFTWARE FireFox
    [01:57:22] matt [wronka.org]/Psi+ Recently—last week or so that is—I noticed my "speed dial"/recently viewed sites list on my desktop copies of Mozilla FIreFox were cleared. This happened to coïncide with rebuilding nightly. At first this was an annoyance, when everything was replaced with links to Mozilla and open source pages. After using the browser for a bit, I got one bookmark back on the page (oddly, something I *hadn't* visited that day); and now after about a week, I've got the first three and the final (15th) spot as pages I've visited.

    In addition to those, a tab for the Mozilla Marketplace and nine other Mozilla links: I now have a tab for a tax package. I'm not happy with you Mozilla. Basically, I'm saying the same thing to you that you are to your users.