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    Monday, January 30 2023

    [01:27:53] matt [wronka.org]/Maemo I've missed this "little" phone. In a lot of ways, there still isn't a better phone than the N900; but in many other ways...well, it's a shame there was never real successor.

    Thursday, March 12 2020

    Timely promotion from Hyatt
    [01:26:22] matt [wronka.org]/Psi+ You must be a recipient of this offer and register into the promotion by
    February 15, 2020 in order to participate. Members who register into the
    promotion can earn three (3) AAdvantage® bonus miles for every U.S. Dollar
    spent at a Qualifying Hyatt Property on an Eligible Rate, Eligible Incidental
    Spend, Eligible Non-Stay Charges, Eligible FIND Revenue, Eligible Exhale
    Spend, M life-Eligible Spend, Eligible SLH Spend or Qualifying Lindblad
    Expeditions Spend – all as defined in the Program terms (collectively,
    Eligible AAdvantage® Promotion Spend”) between January 15, 2020 and March 15,
    2020 (“Promotion Period”).

    Thursday, February 20 2020

    [01:50:36] matt [wronka.org]/Monal-iOS.65 Clara: I wish everything could talk.
    me: That would be noisy.
    Clara: …and weird.

    Saturday, October 27 2018

    [13:09:12] matt [wronka.org]/benito Apparently, Mobile Safari on the latest iOS has a completely broken datetime-local input type. It thinks all values are not valid dates once selected

    Monday, March 19 2018

    [17:10:18] matt [wronka.org]/Trip I just got a customer service satisfaction eMail from Lowes. For an item I bought in 2013.

    Friday, March 9 2018

    [01:38:57] matt [wronka.org]/benito "What's Next? Your Tesla is currently in production."

    I keep forgetting that California is three-days behind the east coast. Estimated end-of-line was 3/5. Promised follow-up on factory tours was 48H from approximately 18:26 EST Monday. Of course, the first ModelX was delayed more than 2y, so maybe I just need to adjust to TeslaTime.

    Tuesday, March 6 2018

    Tesla eMail
    [15:41:05] matt [wronka.org]/benito X-Spam-Status: No, score=0.1 required=3.0 tests=BAYES_00,EXTRA_MPART_TYPE,
    [22:58:08] matt [wronka.org]/benito I give-up generally. I'm not going to work around broken eMail systems. If you want to talk to me, don't break eMail. RFC1855 has not been obsoleted.

    Friday, February 9 2018

    [15:03:42] matt [wronka.org]/Trip Testing done: Commit to production. Nothing broke.

    Thursday, February 1 2018

    [12:08:31] matt [wronka.org]/Trip Ubuntu is returning to X.org: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/30/ubuntu_reverting_to_xorg_in_bionic_beaver/

    Now we're just waiting to revert systemd.

    Sunday, November 26 2017

    Automated censorship is hard
    [17:49:53] matt [wronka.org]/benito Apple Music's lyrics to Eminem's "Deja Vu" of "Relapse" has the couplet containing "gla** of wine/sound asinine".

    Wednesday, November 22 2017

    [13:30:23] matt [wronka.org]/Trip The only thing scheduled on my calendar today is "Lunch".

    Tuesday, September 12 2017

    [17:02:06] matt [wronka.org]/Trip I've been thinking of switching to an iPhone mobile device, and am watching Apple's event livestreamed, but listening to the song that played as Patrick broke out of the Island makes me ask myself if I'm making the right decision. Am I just trying to be harmonious?

    Wednesday, February 15 2017

    Amazon Deliveries
    [03:09:21] matt [wronka.org]/benito Our Experience with Amazon's first-party delivery (as opposed to e.g. UPS):

    Ordered diapers, two-day delivery (needed for school Monday). Delivery expected by 6pm. Called at 8pm, told the driver got off to a late start so they should arrive the next day; Amazon still reports by 6pm as the expected Delivery.

    Ordered boots and some cleaning supplies. We got a notification that two packages were delivered around 4:30pm. Two other packages (containing more boots) were expected for delivery that day. Amazon chat support at 6pm said to expect delivery by 3am EST.

    "Delivered" items arrived between 07:15am and 07:35am (while I was out dropping Clara off at day care). We haven't seen the other boots yet.

    Thursday, November 17 2016

    [19:51:25] matt [wronka.org]/Trip Gone fishin'

    Friday, November 11 2016

    [13:07:31] matt [wronka.org]/Trip How did I­ never realize before, that you could reply to multiple tagged messages at once with mutt!

    Wednesday, November 9 2016

    [12:14:26] matt [wronka.org]/benito It's said, that a great thing about this country, is that any man can grow-up to become President.

    Thursday, October 20 2016

    [04:01:14] matt [wronka.org]/Trip
    Cannot move Issue MD-2436 because it has already been moved to MD-2435.

    Thursday, April 14 2016

    Finding a use for old Pentiums
    [22:09:18] matt [wronka.org]/benito Intel may have been ahead of its time with the FDIV feature: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/601263/why-a-chip-thats-bad-at-math-can-help-computers-tackle-harder-problems/

    (The page only seems ot render if you kill CSS, otherwise it complains about having read too many free articles even if it's your first time there.)