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Tuesday, December 21 2010

[18:15:35] Merch Playing around with the Yelp! app for the Apple iPad (released yesterday), it's similar to the application TripAdvisor (my daytime employer, although I'm speaking for myself here) released on Friday. Despite the similarities, there are some differences when you start using them. Navigation in ours is much smoother in my opinion (you can scroll the map pane and both the list view and icons on the map auto-update; with the Yelp! app, you have to keep hitting buttons to do this). The Yelp! app has an entirely native-widget UI, where-as we were able to utilize our current mobile web site to power a hybrid shell; our map widget is native, but we've endeavoured to re-use existing infrastructure wherever possible.
[18:21:57] Merch The hybrid approach has allowed us to focus on refining the interface and feel, rather that reimplementing existing products.