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Saturday, October 1 2011

[05:07:10] Merch The first concerned OMG bombings in Turkey message from my parents arrived this morning.
[05:11:18] Merch The verdict on the Richmond Pamukkale showers: mixed. Strong pressure, western (American) style fixed-head with curtains. Very narrow causing curtains to be pushed even furher inwards, and with oscillating temperatures as if the heater kicks on every 45 seconds or so. They have a generic soap dispenser in the shower, as opposed to providing bath gel and shampoo, let alone conditioner, as a cost saving meassure.
[05:15:30] Merch The fruit plates many of these places are bringing on check-in are very dissapointing. Also, the lack of drink available.
[15:38:20] Merch The Charisma in Kusadasi actually brought us drinks at check-in, and rose wine with our fruit basket. Very beautiful sunset over the bay.
[18:43:33] Merch The Charisma has an annoying captive portal which means a) only one device (and one person) per room can use the network, and that when the session times out, it will poison your DNS cache so that you cannot access the Web site or machine you requested for a while. Also, the access point seems to be incredibly flakey and drops every couple of minutes at best.