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Tuesday, October 18 2011

[04:16:26] Vasilissa I've set-up a Debian chroot in parellel with Ubuntu (both thru the preware packages), and while Ubuntu has some newer packages in theirs, the Debian Iceweasel is actually stable, unlike Ubuntu Firefox. Also, in Ubuntu, I could not find the option to snow a menu in Psi with left click, which makes much more sense when I only have one mouse button in effect.
[20:34:09] Vasilissa Odd, the TouchPad rebooted and said that the update failed, however DeviceInfo does indeed indicate that I am running the latest version.
[20:34:53] Vasilissa The HP TouchPad is a decent enough feel, however it seems to be missing some key presses if I don't hit the key straight in the center. I suppose that you could consider it a trainer?
[20:35:47] Vasilissa (That is, the keyboard for the HP TouchPad.) The onscreen keyboard, especially at extra-small (xs) size and vertical is very reasonable.
[20:36:23] Vasilissa Apparently with the bluetooth keyboard connected, the XServer defaults to landscape regardless of what orientation you start with. It looks designed for e.g. sitting in the touchstone.
[20:44:16] Vasilissa After the update, the default WebOS browser has stopped causing the UI to restart (restarting Luna?), which is a huge win. It's still choking on the large pages, but honestly that's more of an issue with the page in my opinion given how ridiculously sized it is. It looks like all of the preware patches need to be reapplied.
[23:23:25] Vasilissa Maybe this should be obvious, but if you update WebOS, all of the "patches" you installed through Preware stop working, and are no longer visible. Tweaks is empty (and/or throwing an error) so I can't get rid of the X keyboard again--among other things.
[23:23:59] Vasilissa Apparently pressing thorn twice on the soft keyboard in WebOS (in X) locks the control key. I am sure there's a use for that.