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Monday, July 8 2013

[16:08:08] Lilith I have been traveling with my Nexus 4, and so for the first time have not had it sitting on a charger for most of the day.
[16:10:40] Lilith I had been surprised and worried that it would be around 40% battery by the end of the day, even when the battery monitor widget indicated the OS itself was using the most power.
[16:13:09] Lilith Jamie, on her second Nexus phone tells me that over half the battery life in a day is par for the course, while I expected 2-3 days on the Nokia E6 with the same usage pattern.
[19:58:28] Lilith From the sound and aftermath, it sounded like a hit-and-run near Edo on Easton Ave, but the cops a block down didn't even look-up from the ticket one was writing (nor the other get out of his seat) while the second car limped around and gave chase.