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Tuesday, January 27 2015

Debian Jessie
[02:19:21] Psi+ I recently switched my home boot image from an ever-out-of-date Ubuntu installation to Debian Jessie, which was at one point "almost stable" or "almost frozen" or something like that. Then SystemD broke loose and it's still clearly testing.

Things that don't work:

NFS doesn't mount on boot. I give-up. I can't get it to mount anything from the init scripts. The Internet suggests this is because of something left in /var/run/network, but since /var/run is tmpfs this is clearly out (also, I checked, the directory isn't there).

Running sudo clears afs tokens. I've seen one other reported issue, but no solution. cf.

I can no longer get a gnome-session or gnome-settings-daemon running on top of spectrwm. I also can't figure out how to change the window manager for gnome, so it seems like I'm stuck with all of gnome, or none of it now. Why do I care? colord/colormgr is really the only reason why. The rest of the gnome environment is an exercise in frustration.

The most surprising thing that works? Qt now doesn't look like vomit when running in a 30-bit X display.
Hopkinton Notices Google Group
[02:25:16] Psi+ "Juno 2015 Winter Storm CodeRed Message"

What does that mean?
[13:37:03] Psi+ removing snow