Monday, May 10 2010

[17:33:15] matt []/tkabber World 7 (North America) opened-up on Lord of Ultima <>; servers still have a lot of down time. The reason why that's really annoying is that events are supposed to happen real time; so if you launch an assault that's timed to arrive at "sunrise" (defenders get an added bonus during the night, so it's benneficial to attack during the day), this attack can be delayed. Now, that might not be a big deal if you're trying for a sunrise attack since you'll still likely arrive during the day, but if you're trying to get one last raid at night--or if you send your defending army to raid a dungeon and now they aren't getting back until after sunrise and you're vulnerable--it can be very annoying.

Tuesday, April 20 2010

[14:31:20] matt []/kerberos In Soviet Western North America, small developers sue Big Beer in baseless lawsuit alleging "you're giving away something for free as in beer". In this case, cheap virtual beer.

Tuesday, April 13 2010