Monday, May 14 2012

[07:26:32] matt []/Amabel I am still not quite happy with the Internet access provided by the Hotel Granvia Kyoto: UDP seems to be being dropped, or at least SIP (VoIP/phone) blocked, and DNS was just acting screwy making me think my mail server had disappeared.

Tuesday, October 4 2011

[04:01:09] matt []/Merch The Neighbor's open AP at Hotel Daphne seems stronger than the Hotel's, to which I cannot seem to connect.

Thursday, September 29 2011

[04:22:47] matt []/Merch Today we are heading towards Antalya. Hopefully the Hotel there will work. At least the staff at Lale Saray were helpful when asked of something.

Saturday, April 17 2010

[13:48:01] matt []/0d9e873f Hilton Hotel Garden Inn out here near Annapolis has free 802.3, but not 802.11; and cell service is stuck on EDGE with only spurts of UMTS. Nevertheless, the location subsystem is trying diligently, and vainly, to figure out exactly where I am.