Tuesday, August 26 2014

[01:41:47] matt []/Psi.cor Slightly longer review of the Lytro Illum camera:

Thursday, August 21 2014

Lytro Illum: 30 second review
[12:59:53] matt []/Psi.cor I finally picked-up my Lytro Illum Camera after its shipment delay (due to "technical difficulties at the fulfillment center") and found enough time to write-up my initial impressions after fooling around with it for a short time. Since I haven't really tried to take any real shots with it yet—the camera on paper is about on par for 2-D photographically with a 2001 Canon EOS-1D or a 2003 Nikon D2H. ISO at 2300 looked (subjectively) as good as the 2006 Canon EOS 20D at 1600 as a rough guide at noise control (although the much newer Leica X2 also doesn't like shooting above ISO 1600).
Lytro Illum: 10 second sofware review
[12:59:58] matt []/Psi.cor The on-camera software is the part of the Lytro Illum about which I find myself most pleased. There are four programmable buttons (labeled for auto-focus, auto-exposure lock, hyperfocal-distance focus, and a generically labeled "function" button), as well as one non-programmable "Lytro" button which toggles—basically—focus-peeking. Of course focus peeking on a Lytor camera is a bit different, but it's still quite nice. Zooming and focusing rotation direction are both controlled by the same setting toggle which is reasonable.

Monday, August 11 2014

[23:05:35] matt []/Lilith According to the eMail Lytro sent me on the first, my Lytro Illum camera should ship today (8th-11th; pending as of noon).
[23:08:08] matt []/Lilith Looking at the diagrams on the Lytro Web site for the Illum camera, it actually looks quite nice, with both a manual zoom and a manual focus ring.
[23:10:08] matt []/Lilith The sensor in the Illum camera is a bit smaller than I had expected, approximately the same size (and density!) of that in the Nokia 808 Pureview mobile phone. We'll see how that impacts dynamic range.