Monday, June 18 2012

Focoro BETA
[05:29:24] matt []/Psi.generay Focoro is still in BETA, and while I haven't had much time to finish it up, I have added a new feature. Well, two, including a basic RSS feed per-user for recently uploaded feeds.

The more interesting though is Smart Sets (or Smart Collections). A user can create arbitrary collections, or sets, of images and add images to one or more of these sets. This isn't particularly interesting and can be tedious when, say, uploading many photos from the same trip.

What you really want is to say "any photo taken between these two points in time belong to the '2012 vacation collection'" and not worry about tagging photos again. With focoro it's as easy as defining a new gallery, and setting a rule to "taken between 2012-06-01 and 2012-06-13", where the beginning and end dates are inclusive.

You can even use this for a custom "long exposure" gallery, for instance. A simple rule for this would be "shutter between 1 and *", where the special character '*' is used to indicate no bounds (all current rules are of the form "N between X and Y", although this might not hold for the future, and we might introduce additional grammars).

You can make rules more specific by joining them with the ampesand ('&'), which requires all components joined by the ampersand to match.
An additional operator, which binds after the ampersand, is the semicolon (';'). You can separate various rules where you want photos matching all rules to be joined together.

Lastly, whatever photos are put into the collection--either manually or via any number of Smart Rules--Focoro will remove duplicates, meaning that you don't have to worry about a photo inadvertantly being added twice, or even switching from a manual set to a Smart Set.

Tuesday, March 20 2012

[14:34:01] matt []/Trip The Nokia Smart Installer doesn't seem so; it's odd that I have to go through the same install process twice, both times being asked if I want to install the same application, because the first time is just installing the installer.

Friday, January 21 2011

[18:36:20] matt []/Merch From the HTC F3188 Smart product page: "The more you use the HTC Smart, the more small touches you will find ... with just one tap you can turn your web browser to landscape mode".