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Wednesday, February 23 2011

[13:01:55] prox []/Pidgin ESD Training (no cellphones or laptops!)
Not Quite Ready For Prime Time Operating Systems
[16:17:33] Psi.dementia

We just got Jamie's Android phone in the mail yesterday, the venerable Google-branded Nexus S--currently the state-of-the-art in Android phones.

It's not immediately obvious how to get a calendar onto the device.
[18:36:22] Merch I suggest avoiding They called at 11:52PM to tell me there was an urgent issue with my reservation and have subsequently been unreachable at either of their 24hr numbers or by eMail. Calling them back this morning from two separate services indicated they were having phone problems (not enough incoming lines) and trying again now gets through but does not reach a human and gets dropped after 91 seconds on hold.
[18:37:03] Merch The "urgent" call last night from neither indicated a subject nor a means of contact.
[22:08:37] Ollie Giving advice.