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Tuesday, March 29 2011

[13:08:27] Merch My biggest carp about the Nokia 3710 fold is how difficult it is to remove the backplate.
[18:29:43] mobile This is weird: in Symbian^3 the input box is oddly small. Fourtanetly, it grows vertically. With the virtual keyboard it takes up the full screen, but the physical board is much easier with which to type accurately.
[18:43:38] mobile Overall, the physical design of the Nokia E7-00 is exceptional. The keyboard is fantastic compared to the competition and the screen is quite nice. The sliding screen makes it easier to hold than the Nokia N900 when I am typing.
[18:44:27] mobile My hope/expectation would be that the MeeGo device would be similar hardware.
[18:46:40] mobile However, despite some additional polish to the UI--which is significantly improved upon Nokia's first touch interfaces and those of th N97--it still lacks the feeling that is present in newer platforms like Android and Maemo.
[18:48:59] mobile The mail client is possibly a bit above Modest (Maemo's current default), feeling somewhat snappier much of the time, but I feel like bugs are much less likely to be addressed in it.
[18:50:12] mobile Nokia had a couple of very good foundations upon which to build, but never concerned itself with the rest of the metaphorical edificaces.
[19:42:16] Psi.dementia Nearly eight years old, but still cool if you didn't know about it--the first unmaned (amateur) flight across the Atlantic.
[21:16:34] mobile Usability carp for Nokia E7-00: trying to swipe homescreens is difficult with a maximal (six) widgets because (at least some) widgets seem to prevent the swiping motion if they get hit.
[21:17:28] mobile Symbian^3 seems to bubble-up events on the homescreen, or otherwise has some quirky event detection.
[21:17:45] mobile I still love the Nokia E7-00 keyboard.