Wednesday, May 2 2012

[03:59:28] matt []/Psi.generay Looking at the Tizen site, the first thing I looked at was the devices page which contains no devices, but target platforms (Smartphone, In-Vehicle, Tablet, Netbook); it reminds me of MeeGo 18 months ago.

I look forward to Nokia's next platform 18 months down the road, for Smarphone, In-Vehicle, Tablet, and Netbook devices.

Tuesday, March 29 2011

[18:44:27] matt []/mobile My hope/expectation would be that the MeeGo device would be similar hardware.

Thursday, October 28 2010

[20:53:50] matt []/Merch Nokia has done a horrible job of supporting Maemo since the release of the N900; it's dead, and I hope MeeGo fares better. Harmattan will be curious.

Wednesday, September 8 2010

[14:17:11] matt []/Merch MeeGo is effectively killing the best part of Maemo, the community. The draft of the spec is in RFC stage, but it sounds like it'll be an up-cliff battle at this point for MeeGo to have a full-fledged dependency-checking package managent system. Instead, the steering committee (Intel and Nokia) are hoping to convert it to use a restricyed Android/IOS packaging model in the hopes, apparently, of catching-up with the other platforms. The packaging system for Android is a simplicity for the system; it isn't an ideal, and it certainly isn't the secret sauce. If Nokia wants to try and copy Android/IOS it should look to the the development model (actions) of Android and the perceived simplicity of IOS' UI.