Wednesday, May 30 2012

Lytro Photos
[05:09:15] matt []/Psi.generay The Lytro cameras have an unfortunate propensity for blowing highlights, blooming, and related sensor issues. The one thing I noticed looking over my travel photos that I took with the Lytro was that the blooming (which can often spill over, innundating a large portion of the sensor) leads to an surreal quality at times, although frequently is just frustrating.

One of the few photos that I actually liked the affect was this one that I took in Narita Airport waiting for the flight back to the States:

. The window is blown, and there's obvious colour shifts because of the over saturation, while most of the people are very underexposed. I actually like the way that much of the waiting area itself seemsto be reasonably exposed, with the blown windows re-inforcing the focus in the room. The underexposed people are really not very important in themselves to other travellers, but their actions and obvious localized concerns are still visible: the family seated in the center conversing, the girl towards the right excitedly asking her father questions about the trip, the single traveller nonchalantly walking across towards the board, gate, or back towards the stairs--it doesn't really matter to anyone else.

While I like how this photo turned out, I'm still not a fan of the camera, and actively trying to recreate it is too dependant on the environment rather than ability; and carrying it around for just the right environment seems silly, especially given other limitations such as resolution--not to mention that annoying lens cap that always seems to dissapear when you remove the camera from the bag.

Tuesday, May 17 2011

[18:13:01] matt []/Merch T-mobile doesn't have any data roaming on IWS, but at least Eastern Iowa Airport has open WiFi.

Saturday, June 26 2010

[02:55:46] matt []/Merch @ Bwi Airport, UNITED STATES