Monday, September 16 2013

[22:34:19] matt []/Trip Apparently Google will reject unsubscribe request for GoogleGroups unless you have a reverse pointer (and a bunch of other rules). That sounds like a violation of CAN-SPAM; there's no sane reason for those rules in place to manage an existing subscription.

Monday, May 31 2010

[18:16:54] matt []/tkabber <prox> 08:34 < prox> Subject: Concerning Facebook
<prox> 08:34 < prox> Mark,
<prox> 08:34 < prox> I recently tried to access my Facebook account and got a message that
<prox> 08:34 < prox> someone from your company has turned off my access to Facebook through "iproxy"
<prox> 08:34 < prox> because it was generating too much traffic. HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT
<prox> 08:34 < prox> WEBSITES I CAN AND CAN'T ACCESS!!!!!!! please turn on my access NOW!!!!
<prox> 08:34 < prox> thank you so much for your help
<prox> Shit like that.
> Hah!
<prox> Getting comments on my blog, too.
> That's hillarious.
<prox> No it's not.
<prox> Well, maybe a little.