Monday, January 6 2014

Ubuntu 13.10 and Darktable
[15:15:31] matt [wronka.org]/Trip Unfortunately, the Darktable developers package the latest versions for Ubuntu, which means it's simply easiest to use that distro. Installing 13.10 at home at least avoided the issues 13.04 had at work with filesystems not being mounted during init (like /tmp), but oddly switching from 12.10 to 13.10 30-bit dual-head became unstable and lost acceleration. 13.10 seems to work alright (or at lesat with accelration) when connected do one output to the Haswell card, but connecting two leads to instability and a lots of acceleration. The same computer, swaping the boot drive, works fine with dual-head 30-bit on 12.10 so this appears to be a software regression as opposed to a lack of general support for the configuation.

Otherwise, upgrading to Darktable 1.4 from 1.2.x has been positive. (Back on 12.10), it feels much faster, especially when turning-on level and curve controls (it seems to have already calculated the luminosity distribution which used to take an annoyingly long time to appear), and more controls can be instanced—this is particularly useful for levels to be used like an ND grad (better than the default ND grad control) and spot removal which can now blend to just affect spots when cloning dust.

Friday, February 22 2013

Ubuntu Tablet
[15:18:24] matt [wronka.org]/Trip The Ubuntu tablet sounds not too dissimilar to something I've been describing with it's ability to shift from tablet to PC. The rest of it sounds pretty neat too, albeit very fluffy at the moment.

I see in it's marketing pieces that someone's editing a photo using a slider control to adjust brightness. What I still need in a tablet is the ability to run Darktable, access AFS (generally, load kernel modules), and ensure a colour-corrected display. Not exactly mainstream demands, but I'm hoping (possibly in vain) that this brings us closer.

Friday, May 25 2012

[06:14:36] matt [wronka.org]/Psi.generay I've apparently lost the last three hours to learning how to use Darktable. Most of the time was spent trying to remove "rolls" that I hadn't wanted to import (hitting delete to remove from the collection is safe--it won't delete the file from disk), and then figuring out what happend to images I had wanted but couldn't see (by default images are rated one star, and if you remove the raiting you'll need to change the filter in the top pane). The UI is, in a word, interesting. In two, interestingly confusing.

I think, now that I'm getting the hang of it, it'll replace The GIMP for my main workflow. RAW conversion is significantly faster and basic operations that I do seem much easier. It's a question whether I'll still need to export to TIFF and finish up in GIMP. I'm also not sure how easy it's going to be to transfer my library to a new machine (it looks like there are directories created under at least .config and .gconf/apps/).