Tuesday, May 8 2012

[14:44:03] matt [wronka.org]/Trip The good news is that I found my old electronic Seiko Japanese-English dictionary. And it works once I put an R03 battery in and pricked the reset button. But I can't read a darn thing anymore.

Wednesday, July 27 2011

One Hour with the WebOS TouchPad
[17:16:54] matt [wronka.org]/Psi.dementia The web browser has different trade-offs with the pre-IOS5 web kit browser. General display is better, but there are instances where the scrolling is broken until you zoom in or out first; support for Arabic is noticeably absent by default.

The device itself collects and displays fingerprints more-so than others I've used (Apple iPad, Nokia N900, Samsung/Google Nexus S).

Oddly, when I set the language to Spanish, it still showed the Google location services terms-of-service in English. Other license agreements were in Spanish.

It required me to create a "WebOS" account with my name and eMail address. It didn't require me to set the timezone, which it presumably got from my location.

My co-worker, and IOS advocate, voiced that there weren't enough apps in the store, and that the UI looked too much like KDE.

I might like it better than an IOS device--the fact that I can switch between the Web browser and other programs without closing each in turn is a large part of this--but I'm not sure that I would buy one on my own. It seems rough still, but still promising. If it hadn't been for the disruption of Palm going out of business and being acquired by HP, I would imagine that a lot of these rough edges would have been polished, and am dissapointed that this hypothetical device isn't what it is my hands.
[17:40:13] matt [wronka.org]/Psi.dementia I like the keyboard better on the TouchPad rather than the iPad device, however it seems stuck on an English QWERTY lay-out; I can't figure out how to add diacritics when in the Spanish locale setting.

I do not appreciate the dedicated list of emoticons on the alternative keyboard (symbols) either.

Wednesday, March 31 2010

Modest Patches
[04:15:12] matt [wronka.org]/kerberos <http://matt.wronka.org/stuff/projects/icpp/modest/>

I've collected together a bunch of patches for bugs in modest that haven't been fixed yet. Unfortunately, the combined patch requires a version of modest that needs PR1.2 to run on the N900. It's a huge leap in actually being usable, however.

* fix for bug 3700 ( sig should be below quoted text)
* fix for bug 4840 ( sig should be stripped in reply)
* partial workaround for bug 6509 ( font is too large; causes 80 characters to wrap )
* fix for bug 2563 ( only supports English and Swedish )
* fix for bug 9054 ( folder details should show unread message count )
* bug 9778 ( preliminary support running an external filter prior to composing a reply a la mutt send-hook )
* bug 9779 ( always forward as an attachment )