Friday, May 28 2010

[13:41:11] matt []/tkabber So the last comment was out of frustration. The OS was hosed from the apt-get failures:
<prox> So this is all a result of the dist-upgrade?
> Sort of.
> It's a result of the root filesystem being too small indirectly.
> The previous update failed; PR1.1 back in February.
> I did some cleaning and manual directory restructuring to clean that up, but the updater didn't like that it had failed. apt-get dist-upgrade installed the components after that, but I don't think it ever
+really realized what version of Maemo it was running after that.
> It didn't even *know* there was an update when PR1.2 came out this week. I think it'd borekd something.
> And so I did an apt-get dist-upgrade and it ran out of disk space again.
> 154MB in /usr/lib on a 255MB root partition.
<prox> Uhhh..
> I'd been able to remount /usr/share and a few thigns on /var off of the 2GB /home partition.
> but I couldn't do much with /usr/lib because it was in use ... I probalby should have just tried cleaning-up the microb-engine.
> But yeah; directly, the apt-get dist-upgrade failed a lot, and I wasn't able to fix it. Also, damned if I don't know what some of the config collisions really meant.
> but my N900 is flashed and running. yay.
> (That was quick!) Let's see if I can find my data.
> Hah! the zimbra connector or whatever it is ... mail for exchange ... is working !
> My dada is safe
> for now....
[13:52:48] matt []/tkabber On a clean install of PR1.2; rootfs is 55% free (122.4MB used out of 227.9MB)

Thursday, May 27 2010

[17:47:57] matt []/tkabber I love my N900--don't get me wrong--but Nokia really is sucking in terms of managing external relations. And the world isn't exactly golden with the N900 either, as I've needed to mount -o bind several directories off of the 256MB flash image in order to upgrade the thing.'t_visible_on_my_Nokia_N900_device
[20:21:46] matt []/tkabber Updating to PR1.2

Thursday, May 6 2010

Maemo Developer List : "Why should I write apps for Maemo?" posted by Michael Cronenworth
[14:48:12] matt []/kerberos Mr. Michael Cronenworth recently posted a well-worded question directly to the Maemo development community (and Nokia indirectly) which echos much of the sentiment around Maemo and the N900 right now. Personally, I love the devices promise, I like the software, but I wish Nokia were a bit more open with the community (release early, release often being just the start).

His missive read:
«The continued delay of PR 1.2 has caused me to pose this question.

Without customized packaging, I cannot reliably publish applications to
the global repositories at this time. Also having APIs in flux
without knowing when the new version is coming out makes me even less
interested. Sure, you can compile a new kernel or create a trivial
application all day long and ship it today, but I wish to write some
rather advanced applications that cover a broad range of APIs.

At most, the SDK should have been released two weeks ahead of the final
release. With a little over a month now on the clock, people can only
begin to speculate as to how poor Nokia's release management is working.
I, as a software developer, realize that unexpected issues can occur
causing unexpected delays, so this e-mail is not a "Nokia hurry up"
plea, but a concern that developing for Maemo requires a serious
commitment to add checks for multiple versions of APIs and packaging

If I relied on the ability to publish commercial applications to the Ovi
Store, I'd be living in the street. It's been six months and the Ovi
Store for Maemo is still without a commercial solution and is extremely
limited in general.

In closing, I have a few questions to propose since communication from
Nokia in general is hit or miss (some are better than others, I realize):

-Why was the PR1.2 SDK released at the time it was released?
-If there will be any updates >PR1.2, have there been discussions on
changing the staged release of the SDK?
-Is PR1.2 still going to be released? (I am not looking for a release date)
-Where are those Ovi Store applications that we have been taunted with
videos of?
-Will there be a commercial solution with the Ovi Store or should I
expect to create my own retail store?

Michael »

The delay in the release of PR1.2 has caused problems (and for a long time completely prohibitted any) applications from being updated on the device since the build environment was using an incompatible API from the end-user devices.

Wednesday, March 31 2010

Modest Patches
[04:15:12] matt []/kerberos <>

I've collected together a bunch of patches for bugs in modest that haven't been fixed yet. Unfortunately, the combined patch requires a version of modest that needs PR1.2 to run on the N900. It's a huge leap in actually being usable, however.

* fix for bug 3700 ( sig should be below quoted text)
* fix for bug 4840 ( sig should be stripped in reply)
* partial workaround for bug 6509 ( font is too large; causes 80 characters to wrap )
* fix for bug 2563 ( only supports English and Swedish )
* fix for bug 9054 ( folder details should show unread message count )
* bug 9778 ( preliminary support running an external filter prior to composing a reply a la mutt send-hook )
* bug 9779 ( always forward as an attachment )

Tuesday, March 30 2010

[14:16:16] matt []/kerberos Waiting impatiently for Maemo 5 PR1.2 ... wondering if switching to the development repos will get me the needed libraries without hosing the system.
[14:47:42] matt []/kerberos Andrew Flegg actually just cleared-up an earlier question about switching to the dev repository; and that is that it *won't work at all* until the PR1.2 release. Which makes sense because Nokia doesn't actually distribute the base system in the repository which is another rant entirely; and very non-open.

Saturday, March 27 2010

[18:54:27] matt []/0d9e873f I've decided to do some rsyncing magic to get my customized modest (and tinymail) builds onto my N900, but it seems like they won't run until the Hildon libraries get updated with PR1.2; this also probably explains the build problems I was seeing in scratchbox earlier.