Thursday, March 12 2020

Timely promotion from Hyatt
[01:26:22] matt []/Psi+ You must be a recipient of this offer and register into the promotion by
February 15, 2020 in order to participate. Members who register into the
promotion can earn three (3) AAdvantage® bonus miles for every U.S. Dollar
spent at a Qualifying Hyatt Property on an Eligible Rate, Eligible Incidental
Spend, Eligible Non-Stay Charges, Eligible FIND Revenue, Eligible Exhale
Spend, M life-Eligible Spend, Eligible SLH Spend or Qualifying Lindblad
Expeditions Spend – all as defined in the Program terms (collectively,
Eligible AAdvantage® Promotion Spend”) between January 15, 2020 and March 15,
2020 (“Promotion Period”).

Saturday, April 14 2012

Murder Status
[19:59:18] matt []/Psi.generay I was working on and hoping to push out a second point release in March; obviously I didn't do that.

Murder, for those who aren't aware, was my attempt at bringing back finger(1) and modernizing it for our Web-first world. Finger and the finter protocol was an easy way for computer users to provide information about themselves and for other users to get a little bit more information about them or check their status. It's what you used before Friendster, which is what you never used before you used Facebook. The benefit of Murder over either of those is that it's designed to be descentralized (as was my Orkut-inspired [this is what you would use instead of Facebook if you are Brazillian, Indian, or a Finnish kid just learning about the lintu and mehilainen] Cork). Murder goes beyond those inspirations to be configured entirely from a shell account much as finger(1) was used, which also means it requires minimal permissions at the server level.

While I haven't pushed the point release, because of lots of craziness going on this summer, I might not push out the next release until August. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully I'll add some beneficial features for then.