Wednesday, March 6 2013

GnuPG and eMail Address Validation
[04:40:40] matt []/Psi.generay It's bothered me for some time that GNU Privacy Guard (gpg or gnupg) rejects valid eMail addresses. It feels like a piece of software that should get eMail validation correct, despite how often others get it wrong.

It turns out that GPG actually let's any non-ASCII character through ostensibly for PGP compatability. I patched the validation routines to also allow some cases it was currently rejecting. This means that although this isn't a 100% to-spec validation routine, it should at least allow all valid cases.

Monday, April 16 2012

Palm webOS Mail Client
[18:16:33] matt []/Trip The Palm webOS v3 mail client I've complained about before. It's frustrating to use, no PGP, quoting is broken and it's somewhat awkward to use for large mailboxes (it seems reasonable if you only have a couple boxes you want to check). It also doesn't set or read flags from the mailbox, but you can set locally stored flags on the tablet.

It also seems to send multipart/alternative messages with exactly one part, text/html, which is a brainfuck. I also don't see any message ID which is confusing. I'm not sure why qmail isn't adding one automatically unless it's because it's local delivery.

Thursday, March 1 2012

HP Touchpad
[16:17:55] matt []/Trip I've finally upgraded my Touchpad to WebOS 3.0.5 (I leanred with the 3.0.4 update to wait at least two weeks for the patches to be updated), and transferred Touchpads to my parents for Christmas.

Previously, I used the Touchpad tablet as a means for carrying a Debian computer around with me (using the Debian chroot). This allowed much greater flexibility, but the XServer didn't have ideal touch-support. It also completely lost the informational-messaging infrastucture built into WebOS.

Shortly before updating to 3.0.5 I started using my tablet more often for work business, synching with Exchange and configuring the mail client. I've also got it synchronizing with my personal schedule, and in general it's very good at those things.

Drawbacks to the standard usage:
a) no encryption. I wouldn't want to go through customs anywhere with my touchpad, especially not the US.
b) no PGP support in the mail client. The "flagged only" option doesn't seem to do what I expected (it's not showing anything; I'd expected it to sum-up all of the starred mailboxes).
c) Exchange synchronizing doesn't work at all unless you say to synchronize eMail. This seems odd, especially since my exchange system doesn't even synchronize eMail, but after telling the Touchpad to do this it works fine.
d) WiFi kept dropping out on an WPA2 network. Telling it to turn-off WiFi when asleep caused it to be smart enough to re-connect.