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Tuesday, March 30 2010

[12:51:42] kerberos I realize maemo want to appear active, and want content; but they ought to do a better job of culling the crap in the aggreator feed. It hurts a little, since they seem to be aware of this necessity in their guidelines (, but in practice there's a lot of really annoying noise and misleading titles.
[14:16:16] kerberos Waiting impatiently for Maemo 5 PR1.2 ... wondering if switching to the development repos will get me the needed libraries without hosing the system.
[14:42:54] kerberos <> mentions "emails in real time" (isn't e-mail an irregular plural?) although this seems to be missing completely--including in the context of Mail for Exchange--not just IMAP which still has bug 3888 outstanding (the highest voted Maemo bug not fixed !)
[14:47:42] kerberos Andrew Flegg actually just cleared-up an earlier question about switching to the dev repository; and that is that it *won't work at all* until the PR1.2 release. Which makes sense because Nokia doesn't actually distribute the base system in the repository which is another rant entirely; and very non-open.
(Nokia N900 vs Apple iPhone) Users
[18:56:39] kerberos The Apple iPhone <> launched without Multimedia Messaging Service support, and its users whined for over two years. Eventually, a successor product finally received support.

The Nokia N900 also launched without MMS support <>, and within three months of the device being announced, its users had added it. <>

This is perhaps the clearest illustration distinguishing the types of users each device attracts.
[19:39:02] 0d9e873f What is "the happy pistachio"?
[21:45:55] dmcc []/django (02:44:25 PM) cnj: Ignore the second part, and "about 10" does come out to 3/year.
(02:44:34 PM) cnj: 9 would have been better, but that's equivalent for large values of 9.
[21:48:26] kerberos [17:47:46] <dmcc> is it weird when sends you your own messages? :)
[17:48:07] <cnj> Just a little weird.