Wednesday, September 15 2010

[20:09:39] matt [wronka.org]/Merch Jamie tried talking to Comcast via the webchat on Monday to transfef her television package upstairs, but they ended-up being confused as to whether or not I had Comcast service already. Eventually we were told that we'd need to call, and ater doing so, reached a Texan-sounding voice that offered to merge the two accounts for just having me provide her name and my phone number. We're not quite sure yet what the result of that is.

Tuesday, March 30 2010

(Nokia N900 vs Apple iPhone) Users
[18:56:39] matt [wronka.org]/kerberos The Apple iPhone <http://bohmian.org/disc/Apple_iPhone> launched without Multimedia Messaging Service support, and its users whined for over two years. Eventually, a successor product finally received support.

The Nokia N900 also launched without MMS support <http://bohmian.org/disc/Nokia_N900>, and within three months of the device being announced, its users had added it. <http://mms.frals.se/fmms.html>

This is perhaps the clearest illustration distinguishing the types of users each device attracts.