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Friday, September 17 2010

[18:27:32] Merch Played with the Samsung Galaxy and Nokia N8 today. Galaxy has a super sharp screen, but is unnaturally cool (blue) which detracts from it. I also found myself hitting the bottom row of soft buttons frequently given the way I held the screen, and the fact that it maximizes realestate by minimizing its bezel.
[18:29:22] Merch The Nokia N8 felt solid and sleek, a departure from Nokia's recent trend of cheap, plasticy. ans bulky. There was a time where Nokia was infamous for its slim and small phones, but these seem absent now when compared to the competition.
[18:32:36] Merch Laudable points on the N8 are its responsiveness--very noticeable coming from earlier Symbian S60 devices and also the Samsung Galaxy--and hot swappable Micro-SD and SIM cards. Unfortunately, the battery is not easily removable. The UI is also much different from earlier S60 devices, which might be a plus, but I'd need more time with it to decide.
[21:19:53] Merch One annoying thing is, like with the N900, the phone can only be used in two positions; you can't flip it 180 or 270 degrees.