Friday, June 7 2013

[13:09:24] matt []/Trip Adding #define OPENSSL_NO_ENGINE to wpa_supplicant fixed my WPA2 connection issues with Jelly Bean (4.2.2). Engine support in wpa_supplicant is ifdefed to only Android, and seemed like an obvious difference from a "normal" deploy. I'm not sure what the ramifications of this are, but would hazard a guess that possibly SIM-based authentication to WiFi might be affected?

Thursday, February 9 2012

[22:21:24] matt []/Trip I've been playing with a Symbian Anna phone lately, only in so much as I've been failing to upgrade it to Belle.

If you start it in offline mode, you can do offline things, and even switch it on. However, if it starts with a SIM installed, you get faced with a Nokia Ovi setup screen which quickly, in small print says that Ovi will use data services (way at the bottom of your screen in a small font which changes quickly) and then not give you a clear way of not accepting Nokia's terms.

You can press one of the short-cut buttons (e.g. home) to get a prompt asking if you'd like to make an emergency call. This is a way to get to the active standby screen and start using your phone normally. However, the next time you start your phone you again get the dialog, this time with an option to skip registration. However, the dialog to skip the registration *also* requires you to agree to the terms.

Friday, February 3 2012

[13:06:39] matt []/Merch My N900 usually cannot go a business day (we'll say 9 hours) on a charge; but I've had the SIM out and it's been on WiFi only for the last 9 hours and barely touched its reserves.

Thursday, September 29 2011

[04:14:45] matt []/Merch I finally get to Internet that can log into the ekit management portal for my prepaid SIM-it doesn't seem to like Opera--and there is an unannounced outage. Horrible fail for a telecommunication company that explicitly targets travelling customers, many of whom only have sporadic access to the Internet. Ok, with cafés it might not be so bad, as this isn't a sat phone. Still, there appears no excuse for a telecommunication company that is selling mobile phone access not to announce scheduled downtime.

Friday, September 17 2010

[18:32:36] matt []/Merch Laudable points on the N8 are its responsiveness--very noticeable coming from earlier Symbian S60 devices and also the Samsung Galaxy--and hot swappable Micro-SD and SIM cards. Unfortunately, the battery is not easily removable. The UI is also much different from earlier S60 devices, which might be a plus, but I'd need more time with it to decide.