Saturday, March 17 2012

Galaxy Nexus
[23:20:40] matt []/Psi.generay Mark wrote a pretty good write-up of his experiences with the Galaxy Nexus some time ago. I've come to the same conclusion about its size just being too large for a phone and it simply doesn't fit my hand. More interesting is that it finally got him to drop AT&T. If Pacific Bell and BellSouth had still been on AMPS instead of GSM AT&T would probably be much happier and along the IS-95 technology progression.

Wednesday, October 19 2011

[14:24:17] matt []/Merch With the Android 4 SDK (ice cream sandwich) being released, Google and Samsung have announced the new Google phone (Galaxy Nexus), which looks striking similar to the previous model in terms of hardware spec.
[14:26:34] matt []/Merch I am wondering if the minor bump in spec brought by the Google Galaxy Nexus mobile device is indicatie of a maturation and slow-down in terms of mobile device hardware, and a larger shift towards a focus on software power.

Friday, September 17 2010

[18:27:32] matt []/Merch Played with the Samsung Galaxy and Nokia N8 today. Galaxy has a super sharp screen, but is unnaturally cool (blue) which detracts from it. I also found myself hitting the bottom row of soft buttons frequently given the way I held the screen, and the fact that it maximizes realestate by minimizing its bezel.
[18:32:36] matt []/Merch Laudable points on the N8 are its responsiveness--very noticeable coming from earlier Symbian S60 devices and also the Samsung Galaxy--and hot swappable Micro-SD and SIM cards. Unfortunately, the battery is not easily removable. The UI is also much different from earlier S60 devices, which might be a plus, but I'd need more time with it to decide.