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Wednesday, June 8 2011

[21:18:48] Merch Samsung Series 5 Chromebook arrived today, my first impression was that it was surprisingly thin next to the 1st gen Apple iPad device--about the same thickness with a cover on the latter. It's about an inch wider, and two inches taller and fits in the messenger bag I've been using for the iPad device, but which is too small for work's MacBook Pro. With the colouring scheme and thickness, it looks like a larger version of my USB multi-card reader.
[21:19:28] Psi.generay
[21:19:51] Psi.generay
[22:09:34] Psi.generay

nb: The feet take a little effort to get up because they're glued in and you don't have a lot of room to maneuver--however I was able to get them out with just my finger nails. There is a screw under each, making seven total on the bottom.
[22:12:09] Psi.generay I found it easy to open the bottom of the case by finding and pulling apart at the seam near the front screw (the one that'd be closest to you if you were actually holding the computer normally).
[22:12:34] Psi.generay You'll have to gradually separate clasps around the side from there until they're all off.
[22:19:53] Psi.generay The penultimate screw (I left the two nearest the LCD hinge until last) required some help ... I used a flat-head screw driver (spanner) without leaving any significant damage to the case.
[22:40:49] Psi.generay Developer mode on a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook PC:
[22:57:56] Psi.generay For those who haven't looked at the iFixit document, there isn't any easy way of connecting a 2.5" HDD.
[22:57:57] Psi.generay You most likely will want to flip the switch on the right of your laptop such that it faces away from you, so you can have access to your computer.
[22:58:17] Psi.generay I believe the kids call this "jailbreaking". It's not always an apropos name.