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Friday, February 3 2012

[02:46:31] AxelFoldy Bombus is a pretty sweet open source j2me xmpp client.
[02:49:05] AxelFoldy It does not seem to support subjects on messages, but does let you route to a specified resource and even supportr remote control.
[13:06:39] Merch My N900 usually cannot go a business day (we'll say 9 hours) on a charge; but I've had the SIM out and it's been on WiFi only for the last 9 hours and barely touched its reserves.
[13:07:25] Merch It's a bit amazing simply how much of a drain UMTS is, even in a city.
[13:08:41] Merch However, given the surprising difference, I wouldn't be surprised if something else was going wrong ither with the mobile towers or N900 itself.