Friday, March 9 2018

[01:38:57] matt []/benito "What's Next? Your Tesla is currently in production."

I keep forgetting that California is three-days behind the east coast. Estimated end-of-line was 3/5. Promised follow-up on factory tours was 48H from approximately 18:26 EST Monday. Of course, the first ModelX was delayed more than 2y, so maybe I just need to adjust to TeslaTime.

Wednesday, February 15 2017

Amazon Deliveries
[03:09:21] matt []/benito Our Experience with Amazon's first-party delivery (as opposed to e.g. UPS):

Ordered diapers, two-day delivery (needed for school Monday). Delivery expected by 6pm. Called at 8pm, told the driver got off to a late start so they should arrive the next day; Amazon still reports by 6pm as the expected Delivery.

Ordered boots and some cleaning supplies. We got a notification that two packages were delivered around 4:30pm. Two other packages (containing more boots) were expected for delivery that day. Amazon chat support at 6pm said to expect delivery by 3am EST.

"Delivered" items arrived between 07:15am and 07:35am (while I was out dropping Clara off at day care). We haven't seen the other boots yet.

Wednesday, September 15 2010

[20:09:39] matt []/Merch Jamie tried talking to Comcast via the webchat on Monday to transfef her television package upstairs, but they ended-up being confused as to whether or not I had Comcast service already. Eventually we were told that we'd need to call, and ater doing so, reached a Texan-sounding voice that offered to merge the two accounts for just having me provide her name and my phone number. We're not quite sure yet what the result of that is.