Wednesday, November 11 2015

Gray World/Gray Sphere/Sphere Open Sourced
[23:28:22] matt []/Trip Apparenly the Ultima Online server Sphere (formerly Gray World and Gray Sphere) is now open source:

When I played with it nearly twenty years ago it was quite nice and easy to configure—it seemed easier to fiddle with than UOX, which has been open source since it's release early on. A couple years I ­started playing with UOX3 but never got the world fully set-up; I imagine there must be an easier way than how I­ was going about it but it seemed more laborious to edit in-world than Gray's tools were.

Tuesday, October 8 2013 Updated: Now with Clusters!
[13:53:13] matt []/Trip For the first time in a long while, was updated last month, and after upgrading the database a little, now has clustering of articles enabled. Some work better than others, but as it gets more information from each feed, it should do better. There's a bit more I want to do with the UI (e.g. hide related stories from showing-up right next to each other), but in general, I'm quite happy with it. For example, on my dashboard now:

[The Register] Nuon, Tokai maintain six-race rivalry: No race records on the cards for 2013 Day Two of the World Solar Challenge has ended with only a handful of the vehicles reaching the checkpoint at Ti Tree, north of Alice Springs.?

World Solar Challenge Underway [Slashdot]
All roads lead to Darwin ahead of solar challenge flag-fall [The Register]

Monday, May 10 2010

[17:33:15] matt []/tkabber World 7 (North America) opened-up on Lord of Ultima <>; servers still have a lot of down time. The reason why that's really annoying is that events are supposed to happen real time; so if you launch an assault that's timed to arrive at "sunrise" (defenders get an added bonus during the night, so it's benneficial to attack during the day), this attack can be delayed. Now, that might not be a big deal if you're trying for a sunrise attack since you'll still likely arrive during the day, but if you're trying to get one last raid at night--or if you send your defending army to raid a dungeon and now they aren't getting back until after sunrise and you're vulnerable--it can be very annoying.