Saturday, October 27 2018

[13:09:12] matt []/benito Apparently, Mobile Safari on the latest iOS has a completely broken datetime-local input type. It thinks all values are not valid dates once selected

Sunday, December 7 2014

Lollipop/ART issues; Firefox Weave
[18:37:08] matt []/Psi.cor I've switched back to Android 4.4 (CM-11, "Kitkat"). The following were issues I found with Android 5.0 ("Lollipop"):
* fdroid repos don't work, which is annoying (
* some Activesync servers don't work—I've only seen this reported with Horde (and I had the issue with both 5.0 and 5.2;

Back on CM-11, using the ART runtime, Firefox Sync (Weave/"Deprecated") also fails, apparently with a Unicode string error. It works fine with Dalvik. I don't know if this would have been an issue on Lollipop as well which uses ART by default. I didn't look for a specific bug for this, but was surprised that this sync was still supported since it was supposed to go away several versions ago ( Apparently work on making the new service easy to use by third parties is either hard or just not a priority—the whole issue seems to have been bungled and now everyone's stuck with a mess. (

I also missed some of the UI elements from CM-11, like the circular battery indicator (is this a theme added by CM?) The settings menu was also more usable on CM-11. In general, Lollipop seemed to waste space, although I had mixed feelings about the task switching interface (it did seem to show more options at once, but made the active surface a bit small on a phone screen). A lot of Lollipop was flat, and Apple-like, looking pretty without giving the user any indication of whether interfaces were scrollable or otherwise how to interact with the device.

Unlike other reports, I did not run into any issues with WiFi or battery life on Lollipop—in fact, both seemed to be at least as good if not more reliable than on CM-11 and CM-10.2 but I don't have any objective tests for that. Specifically, I thnk my worst battery behaviour was in part to K9 synching my mail, and I haven't set that back up.

Saturday, October 25 2014

[14:08:14] matt []/Merch Apparently MicroSoft now wants either a phone number or another eMail address to allow me to play games locally on an Xbox 360.

Tuesday, August 12 2014

[12:51:47] matt []/Lilith Apparently the camera still hasn't shipped, but the charge had posted five days past.

Monday, September 16 2013

[22:34:19] matt []/Trip Apparently Google will reject unsubscribe request for GoogleGroups unless you have a reverse pointer (and a bunch of other rules). That sounds like a violation of CAN-SPAM; there's no sane reason for those rules in place to manage an existing subscription.

Thursday, June 13 2013

[14:03:05] matt []/Trip I could not find a scheduled meeting on my Android device. I figured it was because the date might be outside it's sync period, despite being set to "all", and the event recurrence going well into the future. Apparently the issue was that Android's calendaring system could not handle an event occurring twice a week.

Thursday, June 6 2013

Welcome to Android.
[05:00:47] matt []/navic I got an Android device because I got fed-up with the broken WPA2 support in Nokia Belle on the E6-00.

Apparently I should have searched through the Android issue tracker first:

Basically, the current version of openssl added new versions of TLS (new being used liberally) and many routers, technically broken, won't work with it.
This bug dates back to mid-2012, looks to have been fixed in later versiosn of 4.1 and broken again in 4.2. It's broken in the latest Nexus 4 (Mako) Cyanogen RC.

It's annoying.

Friday, May 3 2013

[20:38:11] matt []/Trip Apparently there's a XEP for this (277). It seems much more complicated:

Friday, April 19 2013

[14:01:15] matt []/Trip Apparently Twitter changed the location of their their RSS feeds without instituting any redirects. Not cool URIs.

Tuesday, July 24 2012

[17:12:04] matt []/Trip Apparently, the Mythbuntu forums have several entries directing you to set the default storage for Mysql to MyISAM (default_storage_engine=MyISAM in /etc/mysql/conf.d/mythtv.cnf).

Sunday, July 8 2012

Comcast Installation
[17:59:56] matt []/Psi.dementia We just transferred Comcast to a new address. Initially, we scheduled a move of an existing account, and they configured us for a self-installation, and when we called to explain there wasn't actually a coaxial connection coming into the house they got confused and it proved quicker and possibly cheaper to just cancel and schedule a new service.

After some initial issues scheduling the service, we got a weekday afternoon scheduled installation, and had Internet and television, for two hours or so. After this, the Internet dropped-out. Calling Comcast, the scheduled someone to come out the next day (Saturday), which was actually very convenient.

Apparently, the most economical option was the Comcast Tripple Play, which included Television, Internet, and Telephony hook-ups. This cost the same as just Television, but had the discounted rate for a full year; our Comcast representative woudn't sell us Television and Internet without the Telephony. The issue we appeared to be having, as explained when the service agent came out Saturday, is that the contracted installer who came on Friday hadn't completed the telephony set-up which confused (either the Comcast system or) the provided modem, and reset the service.

Following this correction, I had some issues with the Arris Touchstone DOCIS 2.0 modem. Apparently, after several minutes of running (somewhere between fifteen minutes and ninety minutes) the Arris modem will refuse to respond to DHCP offer requests (it might actually be that it'll only do this once per session, even when the same device requests a renewal). This has caused my Internet connection to routinely drop until I restart the modem. I've fixed this by adding static routes to the gateway device based on the initial response from the modem so that it won't try to renew and drop the connection because the modem doesn't respond.

Another thing I noted is that Comcast provided a DOCIS 2.0 modem. This was surprising on two levels, a) they were supposed to use my provided modem: the installer who came on Saturday said that they would have to charge me a *higher* tariff to use my own modem; and b) the modem they provided was a DOCIS 2.0 modem ("Our best modem!" said the Saturday installer), although this should be sufficient for the maximal bandwidth in the plan sold to me, 30Mbps down. It turns out it's definitely able to handle the 10Mbps down, 2Mbps up that I'm actually seeing between Comcast-based hosts.

Wednesday, July 4 2012

[11:34:42] matt []/Psi.dementia Hi MicroCenter, thanks for creating my account. Now do you remember *why* I was creating an account? Because I was trying to check-out. Apparently you forgot that, and I'm now going through the process all over again on a rather latent connection, which makes Hulk angry.

Sunday, February 26 2012

[16:45:43] matt []/Psi.generay Apparently H&R Block also dropped my itemized deductions.

Friday, February 10 2012

Updating Symbian Devices is Easy!
[23:12:47] matt []/Trip I got my E8 updated. Apparently, it's a rather easy process:

a) Find somebody who works for Nokia.
b) Drive to their office.
c) Ask them nicely to flash your phone.

Apparently the Ovi suite didn't like my phone, nor did it there. The Nokite had to resort to stronger measures.

Wednesday, February 1 2012

[14:32:30] matt []/Psi.generay Apparently I was wrong, and the "value plans" are contracted, but priced similarly to the Even More Plus ("EM+") plans. Something that I learned about the EM+ plans is that apparently most people got them while financing a phone from T-Mobile, where the consumer would put down a subsidized price and then pay off the remainder in monthly increments. This is the part that was exploited to the point that T-Mobile needed to cancel the plan.

Tuesday, October 18 2011

[20:36:23] matt []/Vasilissa Apparently with the bluetooth keyboard connected, the XServer defaults to landscape regardless of what orientation you start with. It looks designed for e.g. sitting in the touchstone.
[23:23:59] matt []/Vasilissa Apparently pressing thorn twice on the soft keyboard in WebOS (in X) locks the control key. I am sure there's a use for that.

Saturday, June 18 2011

[14:06:19] matt []/Psi.generay Apparently the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook doesn't boot from larger USB devices, meaning it wouldn't flash from the 40GB HDD I tried. Using a HD-SD card worked.

Tuesday, June 7 2011

Debian Stable
[01:32:06] matt []/Psi.generay It's a running joke that Debian Stable (currently Squeeze) is often behind on features.

It used to be a running joke about how Linux distros couldn't find your CD-drive (optical drive, for you newbies with your Blu-Rays).

Apparently that running joke just made its way to Debian Stable.

Friday, May 27 2011

[03:19:05] matt []/Merch Apparently Openfire doesn't support vhosts, and its install scripts have a buggy past.

Saturday, May 14 2011

[17:16:32] matt []/Merch Apparently the plane at our gate couldn't get their door open for an hour or so and the passengers were trapped on board.

Wednesday, August 18 2010

[14:22:36] matt []/Merch Apparently you can't leave a view's window on a secondary monitor in X-Code's interface builder or it'll be unavailable when you connect to only one monitor.

Tuesday, April 13 2010

[20:08:04] matt []/kerberos "Sorting using different criterias (currently deprecated as we only sort using date now). "

Apparently sorting *was* intentionally removed from modest. The "smart filter" appears to be the "new" way, but I haven't actually seen this working yet.

Wednesday, March 24 2010

[20:21:17] matt []/kerberos Apparently a 30% dropped-call ratio is normal for AT&T in the NYC area; despite Cingular (now AT&T) formerly running articles about there being the "most reliable" with "fewest dropped calls".